Get great value and return on investment with a kitchen remodel! At High Country Home Improvement, we believe the ideal updated kitchen can be both luxurious and functional. As the heart of your home, the kitchen is where you spend a lot of time preparing, cooking, eating, entertaining and connecting with family and friends alike. Similar to a bathroom remodel, kitchens have a big upside for cost vs. value if you ever decide to sell your home. We’ll help you create your dream kitchen using our mission driven approach, which encourages you to play an active role throughout the entire process. As our valued customer, you’ll have the opportunity to select your own layout, colors, and materials.

Our kitchen remodeling services include:


  • Kitchen Design and Layout
    Work with you to design your ideal kitchen layout and provide a project estimate
  • Floor Plan Reconfiguration
    Remove existing interior walls and build new walls to meet the needs of your space
  • Kitchen Cabinets
    Replace and install any shape or size kitchen cabinets in any variety of material
  • Kitchen Islands and Peninsulas
    Fabricate and finish any shape or size island or peninsula
  • Kitchen Countertops
    Fabricate and install any countertop with any edge; ex: granite, quartz, marble, concrete
  • Flooring, Trim and Molding
    Refinish or install hardwood, laminate, tile, travertine, marble, and any trim or molding
  • Ceilings and Walls
    Replace and install drywall, remove popcorn from ceilings
  • Painting and Wall Coverings
    Apply texture (knockdown, orange peel, stipple), prime and paint walls
  • Appliances
    Install residential or commercial refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, ovens and trash compactors
  • Lighting & Electrical
    Install drop or recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, run new GFI, add/replace outlets
  • Windows, Doors and Skylights
    Install any size windows, skylights, interior and exterior doors
  • Ventilation
    Install and vent kitchen range hoods, install fans
  • Plumbing
    Install and replace any type of sink and faucet, replace garbage disposal